Dr. Bin Guo

School of Computer Science
Northwestern Polytechnical University

Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710129, P. R. China

Email: guobin.keio(AT)gmail.com




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A summary

Home-Explorer investigates smart-artifact based human-centric applications in smart homes. Currently it includes two applications: Real World Search and Smart Reminder Agent.

(1) Real-World-Search: This is a web-based indoor physical object search system, which can help users quickly locate his belongings (e.g., lost keys) at home.


The interfaces of Real-World Search service is illustrated above. Users have to firstly login our system, and then they can input the target object name in a Google-like interface. Multiple search modes are provided, such as search by name, search by category... A symbolic description of object location (e.g., a book is placed on the table) is given in the search results.

(2) Smart-Reminder-Agent: People are prone to forget things. For example, one user may forget to take a wallet when he goes shopping. The smart reminder agent is designed to reduce such difficult situations by delivering suggestions or alerts to human residents according to various conditions. As the above figure illustrates, this is a situation-triggered service.


Exhibition History

Keio-Techno Mall'07, Dec. 5th 2007, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan


Related Publications

1. Home-Explorer: Search, Localize and Manage the Physical Artifacts Indoors [PDF]

2. Home-Explorer: Ontology-based physical artifact search and hidden object detection system [PDF]


Please see videos at these links:

Video-1: Real-World Search  

Video-2: Smart-Reminder Agent  

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